Industrial Wipes

Veraclean Critical Cleaning Plus Wipes (Chux) – Solvent wiping in Critical Areas

  • Strong and will not tear
  • Used as dry or solvent wipe
  • Low linting and silicone free
  • Dense structure
  • Low static in use
  • Various qualities and sizes available
  • High absorbency
  • Low cost and economical in use
  • Available in Turquoise and white

Veraclean Soft Plus (Trikotex) – Soft Wipe For Electronics & Computer Industry

  • Special tricot structure
  • Used as a dry or solvent wipe
  • Low linting and silicone free
  • Picks up fine (dirt) dust
  • Absorbs water, oil & other fluids
  • Low static in use
  • Heat resistant up to 300°C

Chicopee J-Cloth Plus Wipes (Econoline) – Laboratory & Electrical Engineering Cleaning

  • Unique open structure: good dirt pick up
  • Strong: both wet and dry
  • Easily absorbs water, oil, grease, paint and inks
  • Resistance to most conventional solvents
  • Excellent value for money
  • Low linting

Chicopee Multipurpose Super Wipe (Supertwill) – Machine & Maintenance Cleaning


  • Very strong and hard wearing
  • Unique structure for dirt pick-up
  • Remove water, oil, grease and fat
  • Very low lint
  • Completely silicone free
  • Resistant to moist solvent and chemicals
  • Good heat resistance (max. 230°C)

Chix Stretch ‘n Dust – Multi-Purpose Dusting Wipe


  • Durable and strong
  • Dust catching pockets
  • Low linting
  • Multi-purpose for hand, floor & large surfaces dusting
  • Supple and soft: non abrasive
  • Will not leave hazardous residue