Solvent Wipes

Veraclean Cartex Solvent Plus (Cartex) – Paint & Sealer Removal

  • Solvent resistance
  • Low solvent extractables
  • Very low linting
  • High bulk
  • Negligible static in use
  • Structure: open and course to trap contaminants
  • Excellent wear resistance in combination with solvents

Veraclean Sealant Plus (Trikoton) – Sealer Material Removal

  • High sealer pick-up: no smearing and efficiency
  • Minimal strike-through
  • Very low linting
  • Supple: smooth result in cosmetic sealing and gets into corners

Veraclean Soft Plus (Trikotex) – Painted Vehicle Cleaning

  • Special tricot structure
  • Used as a dry or solvent wipe
  • Low linting and silicone free
  • Picks up fine (dirt) dust
  • Absorbs water, oil and other fluids
  • Low static in use
  • Heat resistant up to 300°C

S.U.D.S Solvent Plus

  • S.U.D.S. (Single Use Dispensing System) allows you to create an impregnated wipe to exactly fit your needs.
  • With a choice of three unique wipes available, you simply add your own chemical to the dispenser bucket and wiper roll to instantly create a cost effective high performing wet wipe